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Electric Cars
Electric cars are one of the most popular varieties of alternative fuel vehicles that are superior to the use of an internal combustion engine. Electric cars use an electric powered motor and controllers and get their power from an internal battery pack. These vehicles are generally rechargeable and usually store their power in ultracapacitors or flywheels.

Electric cars drive on the road just like regular cars. Electric car drivers must take the DMV test in order to get their license to drive.

If a vehicle uses a combination of an electric and an internal combustion engine then it is considered a hybrid electric vehicle. Vehicles which use only a self-sustaining electric engine are known as EV`s or electric vehicles. Just Green cars recommends electric and hybrid vehicles.

If a vehicle contains an externally charged battery it is considered a plug-in hybrid or PHEV. There are many models of electric cars, trucks and neighborhood electric vehicles available on the market today.

Electric CarsThere are now tens of thousands of electric vehicles on the roads of the United States today. An advantage of an electric car is that owners receive an attractive tax credit for them. California is the leader in numbers of electric vehicles on the road and they have been a major contributor to lowering overall emissions of pollutants in the air in some regions.

Fuel costs are generally lower for electric cars and they use their energy much more efficiently. Servicing these vehicles is also usually less expensive. They require less maintenance and experience wear and tear at a much slower rate. When charged from a renewable power station that runs on wind or solar they are their use adds almost no carbon to the air.

This site will help you gather much more information about electric cars, of all kinds, even toy ones like Air Tronics RC. You will see that they are an economical and clean alternative to internal combustion vehicles. For those who are concerned about the environmental impact of their modern lifestyle and electric car can be a major help in reducing their overall carbon footprint.

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